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Room and whole-house air purifiers providing medical grade air purification, odor and gaseous control

There are 3 Stages to an IQ Air Perfect 16 Indoor Air Climate.

Stage 1:

A through evaluation, for free, to determine whether or not you need the highest quality air cleaning system and if your system is capable of operating with the addition of an air cleaning system. Clearances are checked, air inflitration is checked and the ducting is checked as to it's correct size and application.

Stage 2:

Typically a one day dustfree installation.

Stage 3:

Verification that the system is working the way it is suppose to work.


The Perfect 16 is the first whole-house air cleaning system to utilize Advanced Micro-Fiber filtration technology. Filter fibers are 10 times thinner than those used in standard air filters. This allows air to easily pass through the filters, while the ultra fine threads create an almost impenetrable barrier for pollution particles. What that means to you is the air in your home will be the cleanest it can possibly be!

Numerous scientific studies have proven that ultra-fine particles (defined as 0.1 microns or smaller) are the most harmful to our health. They can be absorbed through lung tissue right into our blood stream. These ultra-fine particles are small enough to penetrate a cell's mitochondria (the center and brain of the cell) and cause cell damage. It is estimated that ultra-fine particles subtract 10 years from a person's life.* Furthermore, a study by The American Heart Association shows that these ultra-fine particles can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. IQAir Perfect 16 is guaranteed to filter out these harmful particles down to 0.003 microns (the world's smallest particle), giving you the cleanest and freshest air possible in your home.
*California Air Resources Board

The #1 Rated Whole-House Air Purification Systems

Superior Air Purification Systems

HyperHEPA Filter Element

IQAir builds better air purifiers because it uses superior air cleaning technologies:

  • We use only the very best and most effective technologies. These are derived from million-dollar filtration installations used in cleanrooms, airports and hospitals.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, we only use technologies that produce absolutely no undesireable by-products, such as ozone, chemicals or charged particles.
  • We only use air cleaning technologies that are user friendly and low maintenance, since we recognize that popular high-maintenance technologies, such as electronic or ionic air cleaning, annoy owners and quickly become defective.

Top Air Purifier Reviews

IQAir has received more #1 product reviews than any other air purifier manufacturer. We are proud and honored so many experts agree.

IQAir Awards & Reviews

  • Consumer Search: Best Air Purifier (2005 / 2006)
  • Allergy Buyer's Club: Category Winner (2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006)
  • Wired Magazine Test: Best Air Purifier (9/2006)
  • Consumer Guide - Best Buy (2006)
  • Reviewboard Magazine: Product of the Year (2004 / 2005)
  • Consumer Digest - Best Buy (2/2011)
  • Test Magazine: Category Winner (1998)

Professional Air Purifiers - Trusted by Hospitals

Hospitals around the world rely on IQAir to help protect staff and patients from infectious diseases like tuberculosis and MRSA. When the dreaded disease SARS began to spread in Hong Kong hospitals in 2004, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority tested dozens of air cleaners. They determined that IQAir made the only air cleaners suitable to be used in the fight against SARS.

Ozone-free Technology

Desired Allergy Purifiers - 100% Ozone-Free Technology

All IQAir air purifiers are 100% ozone-free. They are certified by the IAACM (International Association of Air Cleaner Manufacturers) to produce absolutely no ozone. Ozone is a lung irritant emitted from ionic and electronic air cleaners. Even small amounts of ozone are undesirable for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The IQAir Story - 45+ Year Track Record

In a world in which companies come and go, IQAir is proud to have stood the test of time. When Klaus Hammes and his brother Manfred introduced the world's first residential air cleaner in 1963, they pioneered an entire industry. It is with this history in mind, and the future at heart, that our family company continues to provide products that are at the cutting edge of air purification.


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