How Does an Air Conditioner Use Freon?

Freon R410a is the most common Freon for new systems. It also goes by the name of Puron

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Best Air Conditioning EstimateYour Freon uses Freon to circulate through the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.

Air conditioning compressors do most of hte work of a home air conditioning systemThink of your outdoor air conditioning unit as a large pump that pumps Freon throughout the system. The outdoor air conditioning compressor pumps the Freon into a very hot gas form. The Freon then travels throughout the condensing unit (outdoor air conditioner) coils and cools down from the flow of air across the coils generated by the outdoor fan motor.

During the course of the cooling process the Freon changes state. It condenses into a liquid. This is the reason that the outdoor air conditioner is called the condensing unit. Just as soon as the Freon starts to become a liquid the Freon is said to be “saturated with heat”. The Freon is still quite warm at this point and it still keeps losing temperature degree by degree. Each degree that the Freon loses temperate is called one degree of sub cooling. Sub meaning below the fully saturated heat we just discussed.

Most Air Conditioners are Have 8 to 14 Degrees of Sub Cooling

Now the Freon enters the line set, the copper tubing from the outdoor air conditioner to the indoor evaporator or indoor cooling coil. Once the Freon reaches the indoor cooling coil (evaporator coil) it becomes restricted by a flow control device. That flow control device is now a thermostatic expansion valve. Older units had fixed orifice controls and capillary controls.

The Thermostatic Expansion Valve

This is a very special flow metering device. It increases and decreases the amount of Freon entering the coils by measuring the temperature of the Freon leaving the evaporator coil (indoor cooling coil). If the Freon is too warm the thermostatic expansion valve opens up and allows more Freon through the cooling coil. If the Freon is too cool it restricts the flow of Freon. The valve is constantly hunting for the perfect amount of Freon through the coil.

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When the Freon enters the coil it is in a liquid form. As the Freon gains temperature the Freon starts to evaporate into a gas. This is why the indoor cooling coil is called an evaporator coil. Once the Freon starts to become a gas it is once again “Saturated” meaning at that pressure the Freon has all the heat it is going to hold. This is where a change starts. The Freon is still very cold and the surround air passing through the evaporator coil is warmer. The Freon starts to increase in pressure and temperature. Every degree of heat it gains past the saturation temperature is called one degree of superheat.

The Process Repeats Itself and You Have Air Conditioning, but everything has to work properly. If your air conditioning system is low on Freon, you don't have air conditioning. What you have is an electrical bill. If you don't have enough air flow accorss the evaporator coil, you don't have air conditioning, you have an ice machine. If your air ducts are not sealed, you don't have air conditioning, you have an attic ventilation fan.

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Global warming or not, a leaking air conditioning system should be repaired or replaced. Breathing Freon is deadly, R22 or R410a. An air conditioner uses Freon to cool the compressor down, lubricate the cyclinder walls. Running your air conditioner low on Freon is like driving your car without oil in the engine or water in the radiator. It will destroy your system and cost you thousands of dollars. Call for a Freon check up today and save money doing so.

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