Are You Losing Heating Btus?

Are paying more for utlity bills becuase your furnace is workign the way it should?

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Our studies have shown that the average furnace here in Southern California is Operating at below 80% of it's rated output capacity.

Best Air Conditioning EstimateThe average forced air heating system is losing about 20% of its heating capacity through duct leakage, poor quality sheet metal joints, dirty blower wheels, dirty blower motors, gas pressures set incorrectly, and under sized air ducting.

It isn't just here. It is all over the nation. About the only thing that is working correctly with the average furnace here in Southern California is your bill from Southern California Gas and Pacific Gas and Electric.

Here is the good thing....we can fix it and we can usually fix it so well that your utility savings will pay for the entire repair. When it is all said and done, you don't end up paying anything. You do end up getting a higher indoor air quality, lower gas bills, lower electric bills and a warmer more comfortable home.

Click on the $77 Tune Up offer in the upper right hand corner of this page. It doesn't matter if it is a tune up for Air Conditioning or a tune up for heating. The majority of the problems we can solve in just a single service call.

If you are not impressed with my factory trained Comfort Certified technician you don't have to give us one single dime. That is how confident we are that we can radically improve your heating system. Your furnace will run much better than it ever has in the past. That a promise that won't drain your bank account!


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The American Standard AccuClean Whole House Air CleanerThe IQ Air 16 Perfect 16 Indoor air cleaning solutionThe modern gas furnace is a very safe way to heat your home, that is, unless it is installed improperly. The chances are very high that your furnace is not installed properly, especially if it was installed without a city permit and inspection.

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With one simple Tune-Up, you are able to get more comfort, lower your energy cost and actually reduce the risk of future repairs. The number one cause of system failure is dirt! Don't let a dirty un-tuned system cost you money out of your pocket!