Finding the leak is the problem. Once we find the leak the fix is usually a very easy short and inexpensive project. So how do you find a Freon leak in a home air conditioner?

Best Freon leak detection and repair methods

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Freon leak detection and repair The first way is to not find the leak.

That is what most air conditioning repair companies do. They simply ignore the leak and let the Freon leak out again. You get to pay again and if those companies are lucky, the Freon, which carries the lubrication for the compressor, goes completely dry and the compressor seizes. The result is that you get to purchase a new air conditioner prematurely. It is your choice and if you want to only add Freon, we will do it and getting your informed consent. There is no law preventing you from adding Freon to your home air conditioner each year.

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  • Freon R410a is the same as Puron.

    Freon leak detection and repair The second way is to inject a leak stop with the Freon.

  • This will plug the tiny leaks and prevent leaking for years to come. There is a coupon for this leak stop in the upper right corner of this page. It’s quick and affordable. Why pay twice for Freon when you don’t need to?

  • Freon leak detection and repair The third way to fix the Freon leaks is to actually find the leak and fix it mechanically.

  • We can inject a fluorescing dye into your system. We will note it on the invoice and, during our A/C tune up next year; we can go over the system with a very high powered ultra violet light of the right frequency and find those leaks. This is relatively effortless approach and leads us directly to the spot of leakage in over 90% of leaks.
  • Freon leak detection and repair The fourth way is to cut the system into components and pressurize them exactly the same with dry nitrogen.

  • We can them come back in a couple of weeks when you are extremely uncomfortable, blazingly hot and tell you which component leaked and give you a very high price to replace that component and put the system back together again. We don’t do this, but many companies do. I think it is a very big disservice to leave you without air conditioning while finding the leak and then hold you hostage to an overpriced repair upon discovery.

  • Freon R22 is being phased out. New air conditioners can not be shipped with R22 in them anymore.

    Freon leak detection and repair The fifth way is to use an electronic leak detector that buzzes beeps and flashes when sensing the Chlorine output of a Freon leak.

  • This can work, but you can get taken for a ride. This is a primary tool of fraud as many of the leak detectors can be purposely set off to indicate a leak where none exists. I prefer the dye method because everyone gets to actually see the place of leakage.

  • Freon leak detection and repair The fifth way to evaluate the age and electrical usage of your existing equipment

  • and, after careful consideration and numbers crunching, discover that installing a new heating and air conditioning system can actually pay for itself and deliver a much higher level of comfort. We normally see a 50% or greater reduction I electrical bills with the systems that we install. I will even guarantee you in writing that you will receive electrical bills ½ of what you paid last year, or I’ll double the difference and pay you or I will remove the system and give you back all your money….every penny of it. Sometimes I will even just give you the system. If we didn’t our job right, we certainly don’t deserve to get paid.Better Freon leak repair and Leak Detection

Next time you call out an air conditioning service company you should ask yourself this:

“Do They Guarantee Results”

If they don’t, sending them packing and give us a call. We offer free second opinions.


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