Your Yearly HVAC Maintenance

Furnace tune ups and air conditioner tune ups save you money

Most homeowners don’t bother to perform their yearly maintenance service on their heating and cooling units until it’s too late. Too late meaning that they are already experiencing a breakdown and very high utility bills.

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If you system is more than 5 years old the number one reason for air conditioner breakdown and furnace breakdown is lack of maintenance. Click on the $39 coupon above and let us bring your system back into peak performance condition.

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The picture on the left is an example of what can go wrong when the system is not serviced regularly. The indoor evaporator coil develops ice and this builds up until the system is shut down. It then melts all over the place causing damage to the home and to the furnace controls.



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The picture on the right is an indoor evaporator coil covered in what appears to be lint. It is not lint. It is carpet fibers, pollen, hair with the majority of it being dead human skin. We all shed skin every day of the year. The evaporator coil can trap that skin into the matt on the right. Mold, mildew and other not so nice things can grow in your evaporator coil pan and fester their growing and creating an indoor air environment that is none too healthy.

Broken ducts in your attic can add many thousands of btus to your home and cause poor cooling





Broken Ducts add to Your Electric Bill

If your heating and cooling technician didn't check your attic for broken ducts then you need a new heating and cooling technician. Our studies show a little more than a Ton of air conditioning is lost through your ducting on average. That means if you have the average 4 Ton system in your home you are really only getting about 3 Tons of air conditioning in your home. But, don’t worry, you still have the honor of paying for a full 4 Tons each and every month.

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