What is the Difference Between R22 Freon, R410a Freon and Puron Freon?

Freon is a term used to represent a large class of refrigerants. They have been designated with ‘R’ for refrigerant and a number. There are many hundreds. The most popular are R22 and R410a. Puron Freon is actually just R410a. Dupont is allowing anybody to rename the Freon there own name for advertising purposes. R22 Freon is what is in most air conditioners for home use pre December 2009. After December 2009 the EPA has banned the production of R22 filled condensers. Condenser is the name of your outdoor unit.

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We can still get Freon R22, but there is suppose to be a 25 million pound shortfall here in the United States this year. New Freon R22 is not allowed to be manufactured or imported into the United States anymore. Everything we have is recycled.

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Freon Puron. Adding FreonHere Are Some Freon Questions and Answers

Is Freon R410a more efficient than R22.

A/C Freon charging No. It is a common myth. The type of Freon your air conditioner uses does not determine the efficiency of the system, We have installed 20 Plus SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) with R22 Freon and with R410a Freon. The manufacturer rates the system efficiency with the type it's designed to use.

Can I just change out my old outdoor air conditioner?

R22 Freon repair, Puron leak repair, R410a repair No. Unfortunately the oil used to lubricate the R22 system is not compatible with the R410a system. The oil gets scrubed off the insides of the evaporator coil and the line set (the copper lines marrying the indoor unit to the outdoor unit) and then turns into a black guying substantiate that clogs the system up. The oil can also foam in the compressor causing premature failure.

Can I still get an R22 air conditioner outside?

Air conditioning Freon leak repairing Yes, you can. It will work provided that the indoor coil was initially rated at 13 SEER or above and is equipped with a thermostatic expansion valve. If your indoor unit is pre 2007, then chances are, unless you opted for a very high efficiency unit, that the coil is 10 SEER. Running a 13 SEER outdoor unit with a 10 SEER indoor unit will yield about 8 SEER and will have a reduction in capacity of nearly 40%. The new compressors are smaller, push less Freon, consume less electricity and need a much larger indoor evaporator coil to work as intended.

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How much does a new R410 home air conditioner cost to operate?

If your system is in need of replacement I am guess that it is about 10-15 years old. That means it started off as SEER unit. It will lose some SEER over time and the codes were nowhere near as strict back then as now for tight installations. Our surveys (the $39 coupon one on this page) have shown that the average older system has an effective SEER rating of about 6. So take your monthly electrical in a month that you operate your air conditioner, July-August, and subtract a month that you don’t use your home air conditioner, March-April. That number is the approximate amount of your air conditioning usage.Whole house air filter


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For 13 SEER (minimum) multiple that number by 0.46 (6÷13). Your bill is just under ½ of your current bill.Accuclean air cleaning for your home
For 20 SEER multiple that number by 0.3 (6÷20). Your bill is less than 30% of your current bill.

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