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We can install any equipment that you want. We install minimum efficiency Robur Air Conditioners and High Efficiency Robur Air Conditioners. For more information on Robur Products go here.

Best Robur Air Conditioner EstimateRobur® Air Conditioning units are used where electrical service is undersized

Robur purchased Arkla-Servel about 15 years ago and has been making gas absorption units ever since. These unit use a natural gas burner to heat ammonia to a high pressure which is then run through a refrigerating coil in the outside unit. The refrigeration coil cools water and the water is then pumped through a coll the same way Freon is pumped through a coil in a standard air conditioning system.

These system are not typical here in Southern California and they are roughly twice the cost of a standard air conditioning system on installation. They cost less to operate. If your electrical service is 50 amp rather than 100 amp or greater, the Robur air conditioner maybe a good fit for your needs.


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Central air conditioner service…did the job quick and neat and I am very pleased with the results.Air Conditioning Prices

~ Roy Schoeder

Central air conditioner serviceI appreciate his honesty. Thank you. Air Conditioning Prices

~ Kelly Ullder

Central air conditioner service....he was very nice and explained to us what had to be done.Air Conditioning Prices

~ Fran Bergstein


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