Asbestos Air Ducts in Your Home

Asbestos air ducts are very common in heating and air conditioning systems here in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County

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Asbestos ducts and your homeAsbestos was widely used in heating and air conditioning applications up until 1978. This means that if your home is pre 1980 (some homes were being built, but did come onto the market until 1980) then your ducting could very well be insulated with asbestos bearing material.

You can indentify asbestos ducting by eyesight and you can have it verified by any number of testing companies or even get an asbestos test kit and mail a sample away. They are all readily available to anyone, but why waste your money. Asbestos insulation on ducting is easily identifiable and visual testing is actually recognized as an approved method of asbestos verification for heating and cooling ducts by The State of California.

I have provided you a number of pictures depicting the common types of asbestos products found in homes throughout Southern California. Once you determine that your ducting or furnace contains asbestos material, do not disturb it and do not hire a company to remove it. You are most likely making a mistake and a costly one at that.

Asbestos ducts are very common in basements and garages as well as atticsThere are a lot of asbestos removal companies that charge a fortune to have the ducting removed and then turn around and try and sell you new ducting without a clue as to install it properly. We can save you a lot of money and a lot of hassles. Just give us a call and we will handle everything. It is what we have been doing for many years.Asbestos ducts often are broken ducts. They cannot be repaired.

I have seen homeowners pay as much as 10 times the money for asbestos removal that we have done on a weekly basis year round. I have seen many horrific ducting jobs by asbestos removal firms. These jobs have undersized ducting, poor installation techniques and poor quality materials.

Asbestos removal requires a specialized license and so does ductwork installation. We hire out the abatement of the asbestos to a local licensed company that we have been working with for nearly 20 years. They are prompt and efficient. We will do it right and the proper installation with increase the effectiveness of the heating and cooling and lower your utility bills while making your home much more comfortable.